Gross Income of ‘A Second Chance’ as of November 30, 2015

A Second Chance total gross income
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Check out the record breaking star cinema movie, If how much is the gross income of ‘A Second Chance’ as of Monday November 30 – Dec 01 2015.


Data estimated record as of today rise to ₱300,000,000.00 within 6 days the movie produce by star cinema film is now Philippine Box Office hit.



We back into last Philippine movie distributed by Star Cinema and VIVA Films total highest-grossing local films are (‘The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin‘ domestic gross income ₱ 440,000,000, ‘Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy‘ ₱ 436,044,343 ‘Starting Over Again‘ domestic gross ₱ 410,000,000 ‘ It Takes A Man And A Woman‘ ₱ 405,000, 000.



Back to the opening over ₱ 43,000,000.00 opening estimated gross of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo both are ABS-CBS star artist.


Confirmed that Popoy and Basha or John Lloyd and Bea love team is the most popular star mate in showbiz career in Philippine today.  Everyday I Love You,” confirmed that the P16 million income last month opening October 2015.


A Second Chance Philippine Film produced by Star Cinema is higher than the debuts of box office hits such as “ Everyday I love you, “The Breakup Playlist,” and “The Love Affair,” both movies made P15 million on their debut with the latter eventually grossing more than P300 million, see top latest box office movies of November 2015.


A Second Chance also beat the impressive ₱ 32-million opening day record of KathNiel starrer ‘Crazy Beautiful You‘.
Graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board, the Cathy Garcia-Molina film DirectorA Second Chance’ is opening in theatres to huge box office expectation. Let’s make it the biggest box-office hit of the year.

Philippine top earning movie history ‘A Second Chance'(En chance til)₱600,000,000.00 4th week final total domestic gross income Dec 26, 2015 king of the most top grosser box office Filipino film.


Top Grossing Film Philippine Box Office Hit

  1. A Second Chance
  2. The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin
  3. Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy
  4. Starting Over Again
  5. It Takes A Man And A Woman





 A Second Chance Star Cinema 2015 ₱ 600,000,000.00
 The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin Star Cinema, VIVA Films 2015 ₱ 500,000,000.00
 Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy Star Cinema, VIVA Films 2013 ₱ 436,000,000.00
 Starting Over Again Star Cinema 2014 ₱ 410,000,000.00
 It Takes a Man in a Woman Star Cinema, VIVA Films 2013 ₱ 405,000,000.00


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