Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets: NBA Finals Game 3 Quicken Loans Arena Ticket Cost

cleveland cavaliers TICKET COST

Stubhub: Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets Quicken Loans Arena,

Cleveland Cavaliers tickets cost have been in high demand cost to go get in NBA Finals Game 3 @ Quicken Loans Arena, Cavaliers fans who want to go see either Game 3 or Game 4 of the NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena will most likely have to spend much more or average at least $350 per seat in.

Game 3 Cleveland Cavaliers Home Court Ticket cost,

  • Only two listings for Game 3 cost $350, and just more than five percent of the 891 unsold listings cost less than $400,
  • The least expensive seats in the lower bowl will cost $499/sets.
  • Tickets to sit in the lower deck of the arena will start at $932.40 each.
  • StubHub’s most expensive seats for Game 3 are a pair of floor seats going for $11,702.24 per seat.
  • A pair of courtside seats that will cost fans $32,500.

Game 3 on StubHub Ticket Cost


  • The least expensive of those tickets are a set of four tickets that cost $534.60 each.
  • Getting tickets in the lower deck will cost $634.05.
  • The cheapest lower deck listing of multiple seats is $849.95 per seat.

Game 3 Limited Available Tickets


  • Tickets at a price less than $500 per seat, only 159

Game 4 on Flash Seats

Just like Game 3, the least expensive ticket available for Game 4 will cost $350. Out of the 860 listings for Game 4, less than five percent have seats available for less than $400.

If fans are trying to get into the lower bowl for Game 4, tickets to sit in that part of the arena start at $649.46 per seat.

The most expensive floor seats cost $50,000 per seat. The highest listing price for seats is a pair of upper deck seats at $200,000 per ticket. But the highest bid for those tickets is at $75 per seat.

Game 4 on StubHub

With 362 tickets available, there is a set of four tickets in the upper deck available for $397.20 per seat. But that is the only listing with seats available for less than $500 per seat.Tickets to sit in the lower deck of the arena will start at $932.40 each.Game 4’s most expensive seat on StubHub will cost $23,402.25 a ticket to sit courtside.



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