WBO, WBC Raymundo Beltran vs Hiroki Okada continental super lightweight Contest, 10 rounds of boxing full fight championship stream replay video, at Save Mart Arena, Fresno.

Part 2 Highlights,

Beltran smelt blood and went in for the kill, alternating between body shots and head shots as he pinned Okada against the ropes. Okada sunk backward when he copped a left uppercut and tried to evade Beltran but the veteran chased him to the corner, determined to finish the job.

He kept swinging and eventually another right hand connected with enough force to send Okada onto his knees and he was never going to get up. His team realized that and put an end to the fight, giving Beltran the TKO victory.

Beltran needed a stoppage too because the fight was too close to call. One judge had it 78-74 for Beltran but the other two had the fight scored at 76-76 when the referee waved things off.

Veteran American boxing writers Dan Rafael and Kevin Iole raved about the spectacle Beltran and Okada put on.


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