List of Areas Affected Tornadoes, Storms, Floods, in United States

    Tornadoes killed southern US DECEMBER 27,2015
    An aerial image taken Sunday, December 27, 2015 shows the path of a tornado in Rowlett, Texas. Violent storms ripped through the North Texas area late Saturday, spawning tornados that killed 11 people. (G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News)

    December 28, 2015 news update list of areas affected tornadoes, storms, floods, in United States.

    Texas Winter Storm News Update:
    Texas north to Michigan, and at least nine states farther east were on alert for flash floods, which already killed at least 13 people in Missouri and Illinois .

    North Texas – 1,450 homes were damaged or destroyed

    Tornadoes News Update:

    New Mexico: Dallas : At least 11 died and dozens are injured in Dallas-area Saturday tornadoes.

    Dallas North East – 8 people died, 15 injured and 600 single family homes damaged
    Rowlett, town city – 23 people injured, good news no deaths, no reports missing
    Alabama – 22-year-old man.

    Heavy rain Affected areas:
    Missouri and Arkansas.

    A brief glimpse at search and rescue in the aftermath of the North Texas tornadoes from 12/26/15. This video was taken by me at Landmark at Lake Village West, Garland, Texas on 12/27/15. Prayers for all those affected.

    Devastating storm system leaves 43 dead across central and southern US

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