Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks March 18, 2016 replay, result, highlights


Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks March 18, 2016 replay, result, highlights available
Golden state score result match-up friday @ American Airlines Center, Orlando 8:30am schedule of 2016 NBA seasons.


DALLAS (AP) Stephen Curry stole the ball from Dirk Nowitzki near midcourt and hit a 35-footer to beat the first-quarter buzzer, drawing a huge roar from the typical swarm of the sharpshooting star’s fans on the road.


Golden State’s reigning MVP glanced another 3-pointer off the edge of the backboard from the right corner with the 7-foot German in his face again in the second quarter on his way to 31 points.

Oh, and fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson made 10 of 15 from long range to lead the Warriors with 39.
Maybe Dallas coach Rick Carlisle wasn’t crazy for suggesting the Warriors were bigger than the Rolling Stones before the Mavericks’ 130-112 loss Friday night, prompting Golden State coach Steve Kerr to reminisce about the Beatles.
“Right now, by NBA standards, this is bigger than the Rolling Stones on tour,” Carlisle said.

“Wherever they go, there’s a mass of people and a huge following.”

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Golden State Warriors  130  – H. Barnes 20, D. Green 15, A. Bogut 2, K. Thompson 39, S. Curry 31, L. Barbosa 5, M. Speights 13, S. Livingston 2, B. Rush 0, A. Varejao 0, I. Clark 0, J. McAdoo 3,


Dallas Mavericks  112  – W. Matthews 6, C. Parsons 14, D. Nowitzki 24, D. Williams 11, R. Felton 13, D. Lee 16, D. Harris 8, J. Anderson 0, J.J. Barea 16, Z. Pachulia 2, D. Powell 2, S. Mejri 0, C. Villanueva 0,




42-36, 31-31, 21-18, 36-27, 130-112

Full Replay, Highlights & Recap

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