This is Why We Love Tennis


Millions of huge fans in all Grand Slam tournaments, but Wimbledon is best one with or without a doubt our favorite tennis tournament.

The prestige, English accents, and fancy suits in the stands make for enjoyable people watching in addition to the best tennis in the world.

Despite the pretty strict dress code for the tennis players themselves, each year one or two starlets find a way to make waves with their outfits.

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Usually you can count Serena Williams in for one or two “louder” wardrobes, but we’re hoping to see similar behavior from favorites like Caroline Wozniacki, Ana Ivanovic, Genie Bouchard, Maria Sharapova, Anna-Kournikova.

But no one can beat this back hand top spin one handed camera angle photo shoot.
The twitter viral photos who caught a very hot chicks playing lawn tennis wearing short skirt spike left hand top spin position.

hot chicks playing lawn tennis
Hot chicks playing lawn tennis

Photo credits: Jordan Carver

Full Replay, Highlights & Recap

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