Top 10 Highest Paid Job in Kuwait

highest paid job in kuwait

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Top 10 most highest paid job in Kuwait, built in monthly salary, hourly, daily and yearly employed net income.

 [1]   Residential Property Manager (Real Estate)  Monthly Income  6,800 KWD
 [2]   Financial Reporting Consultant (Accounting and Finance)  Monthly Income  6,667 KWD
 [3]   HRIS Manager (Human Resources)  Monthly Income  6,000 KWD
 [4]   Public Relations Manager (Public Relations) Monthly Income  5,833 KWD
 [5]   Vice President (Executive and Management)  Monthly Income  5,417 KWD
 [6]   Environmental Manager (Environmental)  Monthly Income  5,000 KWD
 [7]   IT Director (Information Technology)  Monthly Income  5,000 KWD
 [8]   Chief Executive Officer (Executive and Management) Monthly Income  4,300 KWD
 [9]   Executive Director (Executive and Management) Monthly Income  4,000 KWD
 [10]   Group Branch Manager (Banking)  Monthly Income  3,900 KWD

Full Replay, Highlights & Recap

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