(Top Movie) A Second Chance 4th Week Total Domestic Gross Income Dec 26, 2015

a second chance total gross

Philippine top earning movie history ‘A Second Chance'(En chance til)₱600,000,000.00 4th week final total domestic gross income Dec 26, 2015 king of the most top grosser box office Filipino film.

Top Grossing Film Philippine Box Office Hit

  1. A Second Chance
  2. The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin
  3. Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy
  4. Starting Over Again
  5. It Takes A Man And A Woman





 A Second Chance  Star Cinema  2015  ₱ 600,000,000.00
 The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin  Star Cinema, VIVA Films  2015  ₱ 500,000,000.00
 Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy  Star Cinema, VIVA Films  2013  ₱ 436,000,000.00
 Starting Over Again  Star Cinema  2014  ₱ 410,000,000.00
 It Takes a Man in a Woman  Star Cinema, VIVA Films  2013  ₱ 405,000,000.00
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